I have follow talks, works, performance of artists during the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, in jun 2011.
I made videos to give an overview of their practice.

About "Cabaret Crusades", a film by Wael Shawky
Wael Shawky is a prominent contemporary Egyptian artist; his work spans film, animation, drawings and sculptural installations drawing on history, politics and religion, forcing us to question established myths and truths. Here he re-tells the story of the Crusades, blurring distinctions between good and evil, between aggressors and victims. What at first sight appears to be charming and harmless soon reflects a darker side. To complement the exhibition, Wael Shawky’s film Cabaret Crusades is shown at The Bluecoat

About "Cart-o-graphy", a project by Dia Batal
Beirut designer and artist Dia Batal collaborated with groups from Liverpool Arabic Centre and the Art & Design Pod at Liverpool John Moores University to create a mobile cart. Hidden inside are visual and audio histories of migration of Liverpool’s Arab community. The cart is a place to witness and exchange personal stories of travel and belonging and was inspired by the transient homes of Palestinian refugees.

About "Jarideh", a performance by Tania El Khoury
Lebanese performance artist Tania El Khoury presents work in unusual sites including the British Museum and a Beirut church, which used to be a military base. In this intimate one-on-one performance, performer and audience are partners in crime. Inspired by spy films, character-profiling in police operations and women fighters in the Lebanese Resistance, Jarideh takes you on a journey of watching and being watched. ‘Deeply unsettling, ridiculously exciting and right on the cutting edge’ – The Times.
The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

About "Iraqi Ghosts", a play by Mokhalad Rasem
‘One day we were living our ordinary lives, the next day there was a war and a curfew…’
With bitter sarcasm, flamboyant wit and unexpected humour, Iraqi director Mokhalad Rasem and his 5-strong company portray the anarchy of human lives at war. Featuring spoof TV interviews and a riotous take on Disney’s ‘Aladdin,’ it’s a no holds barred, deeply moving production which won major awards in 2010.


Album Diffus n°3: Florence Paradeis

Sur une proposition de Claire Guezengar
Jeu de Paume, Paris

album Diffus from diane guyot on Vimeo.

Album Diffus Jeu de Paume